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Broken Hills G2 11 April 2021

A full van of 12 set off from Hamilton with a forecast of rain ahead, but luckily when we reached Tairua the sky was clear.

We set off up a pretty steep hill in good spirits, and with the humidity at about 105% we were soon feeling the heat, with some of us leaking as much liquid out as we could …

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Broken Hills G1+ 11 April 2021

There were 9 keen trampers for this trip. Rain had been forecast but we were fortunate, it was a beautiful autumn day, very hot and humid at times. After the usual morning tea, we set off with enthusiasm up the Water Race Track. It wasn't an easy climb but we walked slowly and steadily and it was no…

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Kauaeranga Valley - G1.5          28 February 2021

We set off with a full van of Wanderers on a beautiful day and made our way to the valley  via the Swamp Road.  At the DOC information centre, we viewed a film on the history of kauri milling in the valley during the late 19th/early 20th century.  This made us appreciate the location of our tramp …

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Luck at Last Mine Tramp, Whangamata,     Sunday 14th March 2021

On a perfect mild mid-February day 26 trampers, under Diane’s expert guidance, headed along the picturesque rocky, river- flanked track and old carriageway to explore well-preserved relics of this 1899-1901 promising gold operation. We were 7 kms north of Whangamata, and 3 kms down a forestry road.…

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Hobsonville Art Trail Sunday 29th November, 2020

The weather had been fine and warm for the survey and it would have been lovely if that had been so on the Sunday. We could have enjoyed the sun, as well as the art work and cafes. But it was not to be - it was mostly rain coat weather. However, it was an interesting day, though completely different…

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Te Tuhi           Sunday 1 November 2020

10 trampers signed on for this tramp. The day started overcast/possibility of a shower.

Arriving at the Te Tuhi Road end about 08:25, the group was ready and off at 08:45. The track started on the farm road and after a few electric fence crossings and styles, entered lush farmland that was undulati…

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Wairere Falls - Sunday 1 November 2020

9 trampers left Hamilton at 7.30am and headed to Wairere Falls under a moody sky. 

After morning tea in the car park we set off at a very leisurely pace, enjoying the birdsong and bush. We soon encountered lots of huge moss-covered boulders, tree roots and rocks and we took our time to safely na…

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Te Whare Okioki - A relatively easy walk            1 Nov 2020.

‚ÄčI had heard stories about the new Te Whare Okioki, and wanted to see it for myself. I had heard it was about 3 hours walk from several entry points to the Kaimais, so proposed going in up the Te Tuhi track, about an hour’s drive from Hamilton. I knew the first hour or so up that track was steep, bu…

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Around Town Walking Trail, Pukekohe Sunday 18 October 2020

The trail started at the railway station, passing along Harris Street through Bledisloe Park for a lazy morning tea in Samuel Miller Reserve.

Continuing on through quiet roads with many fine new properties, the trail headed towards Pukekohe Hill but diverted to miss the steepish push to the top. …

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Waikato Heads         20 September 2020

6 eager trampers set off on a chilly morning for the sand dunes of Port Waikato.  A brief period of rain didn't dampen our spirits and we enjoyed the scenic portion of the new Taupiri Expressway that we had previously walked during its formation.

Our first stop at Port Waikato was for morning te…

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Otanewainuku, Tauranga.       6 September 2020

Three vans and their drivers, were waiting, in readiness for the drive to Otanewainuku. Because of the Corona Virus, the trampers were required to wear masks and the seating was arranged with social distancing, so there were less people in each van

On arrival, the G2s set off as soon as possible,…

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Auckland Coast to Coast 12 July 2020

20 trampers left Hamilton at 7.30am for the 16km Coast to Coast walk, picking up an extra tramper in Auckland.

We set off from Fort Street and headed up hill (which was to be the theme for the day), to Albert Park where we had morning tea. 

Cutting through the University of Auckland campus …

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Hemo Gorge Walk               28 June 2020

2 van loads of intrepid trampers braved the weather to venture out to Rotorua for the Hemo Gorge walk.  Thunder clouds threatened to dampen our adventures but did not deliver heavy rain.

We started the tramp at the southern end of town (I had my compass so I knew that) at the car park at Whakare…

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Peels Creek Maratoto              14 June 2020

What we lacked in numbers we made up with in enthusiasm and good cheer.  Six wanderers made up this group and after arriving at our destination we had a quick cuppa before setting off for the first of what would be numerous river crossings of varying difficulty, width and depth.  And it was a marvel…

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Waikino Waihi                31 May 2020

Sixteen souls coping with Level 2 restrictions headed off in two vans to Waikino Railway station for morning tea, where we waited for the 10:45 train.

It was a nice leisurely ride aboard the train to Waihi, but a photo taken on board the train suggests we may have had a masked train robber amoung u…

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Waiorongomai tramp             22 March 2020

Six of us set off up the Lower Level Loop track at a comfortable pace. Mosses and lichens looked shrivelled and dead and a number of waterfalls were totally absent - not even a glisten!

We had brief stops for historical tales, peering into mine tunnels, or minor detours to historic sites close by. …

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Waiotahi/Karaka tracks          8 March 2020

Both walks had small select groups today; Keith and 4 girls were aiming for the Karaka track and Carol with 4 boys were off on the Waiotahi track. The weather was kind to us, not as hot as recent days but a good walking temperature.

First to be dropped off were the Waiotahi walkers, and morning t…

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Endeans Mill- Waimiha and Black Fern Lodge    9 February, 2020

Eighteen happy Wanderers set off on a beautiful sunny day for Endeans Timber Mill at Waimiha in the King Country on this grade 1 trip .  

Two local worthies met us at the mill site to show us through the ruins, once they had collected our entry fee. From the road the whole place appeared to be …

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Mount Pureora         9 February 2020

Seven trampers in a van plus two in a car set off from Hamilton shortly after 7.30am. The first goal was to get to the centre of the North Island, which required a long drive down a bumpy, pot holed, gravel track. We arrived around 10am, had a quick morning tea, then walked 5 minutes to the "Centre …

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McLaren Falls Park Christmas Trip                       8 December 2019

A happy group of Wanderers loaded their gear into the three awaiting vans and headed towards the Kaimais, hoping the predicted thunderstorms would not eventuate.

Arriving at the McLaren Falls, we walked on to the bridge to view a great expanse of rock with very little water running downstream.  D…

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