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Stubbs farm, Waitomo. 12 October 2019

On an idyllic spring day a van of grade 1 trampers under the guidance of Carol and Lyn crossed the Stubbs Family Farm beyond Waitomo to their 213 acre QE II trust reserve.

Small Max’s cave and Maungapahoe caves were viewed by some. The highlight after slips, slides, climbs and descents was walkin…

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Aratiatia Wanderings. Sept 29, 2019

20 trampers (two missed out because of daylight savings and shall remain unnamed) set off to Taupo on a brisk morning. We arrived at the Aratiatia dam to see the mighty Waikato waters being set free.  We ventured off to a more secluded spot for a different viewing but unfortunately there was not muc…

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Woods Mill track, 1st September

2 vans of intrepid trampers started off at the very reasonable time at 8.00am on the first day of spring, heading to the Woods Mill Track in the  Mamaku range. One van was a bit late starting off due to a wonderful game of musical seats!, and we had a brief stop in Tirau before being  off again.

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Deversons Medium Gorge, Kawhia Sunday 4 August

It was wet and windy winters morning when six hardy Wanderers grouped at the usual spot, picked up our seventh tramper at Ngahinapouri before heading out towards Kawhia. The van was buffeted around in the nasty weather, Colin did a great job staying on the winding roads in such atrocious conditions.

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Night Walk in Jim Barnett Reserve Sunday 29 June

“Keith’s Tours” set off with 20 hardy souls, climbed into the vans and made our way to Jim Barnett Reserve for a night walk followed by Keith’s famous soup and our contributions to supper.  Unfortunately, Keith was unable to make it but the soup did, so all was well.  Pam and Anne set up the camp ki…

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Hinehopu / Hongi’s Track, 21 July 2019

On a very foggy winter morning 13 trampers left Hamilton to travel to Lake Rotoiti in Rotorua. After morning tea, we started the walk from the edge of the lake. This was a lovely bush walk, the track was slightly undulating with a few tree roots, we saw all sorts of fungi and many different trees, t…

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Ruapane Trig, Pirongia,Grade 1+. 26 May 2019

We set off in a thick fog which was to stay with us all day.  As we discovered that the Nature Loop Walk was closed (possibly for repairs) we were able to spend more time on the Ruapane Trig track and climb higher than originally anticipated.  Along the way we stopped for morning tea and then again …

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Maungatautari, 23 June 2019

There were only 5 of us (grade 3) on a cold and windy day with intermittent light misty rain, it was invigorating, so we kept moving, and we found a sheltered spot for lunch.

I have done this tramp several times and always enjoy it. It has so much good stuff going for it: close to home, access to a…

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Tolley Road, Ngaroma. 12 May 2019

Eight lucky trampers started off for the Northern Pureora Forest on a cloudy day, with no concern about weather except for anticipated heavy rain coming in the afternoon.

Along the track, we witnessed countless surprises from natural decorations. White plant roots hovering over the damp ground, c…

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Parakawai 31 March 2019

10 intrepid trampers started off for a leisurely stroll in the  Parakawai Valley, near Whangamata, in weather that was a light and constant smattering of rain that at times turned to showers. It may have dampened the forest, but not our spirits.

There were old railway tracks and crusher machines…

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Wentworth Falls 3 March 2019

13 trampers set off for Wentworth Falls near Whangamata.

On arrival at the Wentworth Valley Campground in the Coromandel Forest Park we had morning tea then began the mines walk. We passed two mines which were closed and had danger signs at the entrance so we continued on to the picnic area and d…

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Ed Hillary Hope reserve - 20 January 2019

This was our first tramp of the year and was very well supported 27 keen Wanderers . It was our first visit to the reserve which is on the Old Mountain Road.

We started off following a vehicle track through native bush and then on to open pasture. We then had a steep climb to a disused air stri…

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Vandy Road - 3 February 2019

An enthusiastic group of 17 trampers tackled this tramp. We arrived at the end of Vandy Rd, skipped morning tea and headed up the paper road immediately.

The forecast was for another scorching day so plans were made to get us under the treeline and close to the windmills as possible before luncht…

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Christmas Party for the Wanderers. 2 December 2018

The 3 van drivers had an interesting trip over the Kaimais, for some parts of the road were a running river - we thought that we were in for a very wet tramp indeed.

On arrival at Te Puna Quarry Park the weather was damp and looked as though it was going to be decidedly worse, but we still manage…

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Totara Park/Puhinui Stream Forest Trail 7 October 2018

This tramp coincided with the Chinese New Year Festival, so because of the possibility of a busy car park at the Botanic Gardens, Colin decided that we would park at the Redoubt Road entrance, from where we walked through Totara Park towards the Puhinui stream. Initially there was farmland with good…

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Karangahake – Grade 2     4 November 2018

Seven of us gathered at the carpark at Karangahake on a cool and rather blustery Spring morning. We had to find our way around the safety fencing at the approaches to the new swing bridge nearing completion, to access the old bridge across the river. We then left the main Karangahake walkway and hea…

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Lake Rotoiti to Lake Okataina - 21 October 2018

2 van loads of intrepid trampers set off for this brand new (for the Wanderers) tramp. A brief stop at the newly renovated Ngongotaha Reserve and then around lakes Rotorua and Lake Rotoiti to the Western Okataina Walkway. We started with a quick morning tea and then had a steady steep climb up to th…

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McBrinns Track, Maratoto - 23 September 2018

I had not ventured into this area for a number of years, and today was a brilliantly fine day to be out exploring this lovely valley again. Our group of 8 Grade 3 trampers set off with Lorna & Brenda as our guides.

As we passed the old disused Quarry and followed the track up we could hear McBrinn’…

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Whakarewarewa State Forest -  26 August

A fine, frosty start to the day and two vans packed with enthusiastic trampers.  We commenced our walk after morning tea and paused at the "wishing" pool whose surface resembled a ghostly mirror with branches and other vegetation bleached white by the minerals in the water.  The Redwoods which were …

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Raglan 12 August 2018

Two vans left Hamilton for Raglan, where our first stop was for a toilet break and morning tea.

The next stop was the Water Race Track, rather muddy in places, which led us down to a lovely stream. Once back at the vans we donned our packs and headed down the Bryant Memorial Scenic Reserve Track,…

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