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Mount Maunganui, 31 July 2022

A van and a car load of us headed off to the BOP in drizzly weather, hoping that it may improve once over the hill. The plan was changed from going up or around the Mount, (due to the track around being reported to be closed), so instead we were heading to walk the Daisy Hardwick track around the harbour.

At the beginning of the trip there was some carry on in the back seat due to Angus having his legs exposed, however that settled down.

Thankfully, all the op shops were closed near our toilet stop, or we may well be over there still.

We had morning tea before setting off. The weather was pretty kind to us, only one squall at the end of our walk. It was cold in the wind, but okay in the sheltered areas or in the sun. It was a pretty 11 km walk, all quite easy.  There was some interesting info on the Mangrove areas. We tended to break into smaller groups, depending on how fast people wanted to walk, and then catch up at various spots. I got a whiff of coffee from the Mobil station towards the end, so that spurred me on to the finish.

We had lunch in the sun before heading off to the pools. There was a little issue with finding the exact location of Fernland Spa, so we stopped and got the high tech equipment out, and off we set again, only to find it was about 30m around the corner. Much hilarity!!. What a lovely hot pool spot!! It is such a lovely setting, and very nice and clean. The temperature was just perfect. Most of had a soak, while some just relaxed. Then a quick ice cream and off home.

What a lovely day out. Nice treat to have a soak and to be driven home. I may have nodded off.  

Thanks team, may not have been strenuous, but definitely enjoyable.

Glenys Morrow


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