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Huntly lakes

A keen van load of walkers (trampers) set off for Huntly and a walk around our first lake Weavers Lake (Lake Puketirini). As it was a short drive to Huntly, and we had only just had breakfast we were advised to take our packs and morning tea with us. There was to be a short uphill climb just so we could claim to tramp. Approximately half away around Weavers Lake we cross over to another lake (Lake Whaai) another ex-coal mine for a comfort stop and morning tea.

It was then a short walk back to our van and the drive over to Lake Hakanoa. This lake has been a matter of some pride to Huntly as they have started gardens for various ethnic groups in Huntly. A pleasant walk around the lake was interrupted by President Keith who gave a sermon in the open air church (the Garden Chapel).

As it was such a short day we made our way back home without coffee. A very nice easy day thanks to our leaders and information about Huntly.


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