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How to save someone's life

On a Club trip recently a member had what could have been a fatal heart attack. Fortunately, another member in the group understood the importance and technique of performing CPR. (A defibrillator was available, but not functional!)

It would be very good if everyone who feels capable of assisting in such an emergency learns the very simple technique required, and you can learn how to do it by watching the video produced by St John's, by clicking here

Tauranga tracks open after final upgrades for kauri dieback

The Department of Conservation (DOC) is re-opening the last of 10 tracks in Tauranga after successful upgrade work to help prevent the spread of kauri dieback disease. The work is part of DOC’s Kauri Dieback Recreation Project to prevent the spread of kauri dieback on public conservation land. Since 2014, DOC has upgraded 76 tracks and permanently closed over 30 to protect kauri from this deadly disease.

Ten tracks in Tauranga were closed between November 2018 to May this year by DOC while the work was underway to ensure the safety of the public, the kauri and the contractors. Two tracks remained closed until August for additional safety checks and the installation of brand-new cleaning stations.

DOC’s Tauranga Operations Manager Jeff Milham says that this is an important step in protecting the Kaimai kauri for future generations. “Over 12km of track has been upgraded, including the installation of new steps, fencing, platforms, gravel and 132m of boardwalk. The work has significantly reduced wet and muddy sections of track to minimise the conditions where kauri dieback spores thrive and improved the visitor experience.”

The following tracks have been reopened:

  • Dickey Flat – Daly Clearing Track
  • Lindemann to Cashmore Clearing
  • Lindemann Loop Track
  • Mangakino Pack Track
  • Upper Waitawheta Track
  • Waipapa Track
  • Waiorongomai – Low Level Track
  • Wharawhara Tramway Track
  • Waitengaue Stream Track
  • Waitengaue to Upper Waitawheta Track.

“We’re delighted the public can enjoy these tracks again and visit the Kaimai kauri in a much safer environment. We have been able to achieve a greater level of kauri protection in a place where kauri dieback disease has not yet been detected. Our kauri are very special to us and our Iwi partners so it is critical we give these taonga the best chance of survival possible,” says Jeff Milham.

“We all now need to do the right thing and stay on track, use the cleaning stations and clean our footwear and gear before and after visiting kauri areas”. 

Track update May 30 2019

The following tracks are open:

    Mangakino Pack Track from Daly Clearing junction to Mangakino Shelter
    Waitengaue Stream Track to Upper Waitawheta
    Wharawhara Tramway
    Waiorongomai Track
    Waipapa Track

Tracks that remain closed due to high risk structures requiring remedial work:

    Dickey Flat to Dean Track
    Lindemann Loop Track

We aim to have these tracks and structures open for use by end of July 2019, weather dependent. Please contact the Tauranga Office for up to date information about these tracks as required. Please do not use these tracks until they are formally open. This is for your safety.


Kauri tracks latest 17 April 2019

Below is a summary of the track works being completed by DOC contractor for the Kaimai kauri track upgrade works.


Update – all operations expected to be complete by end of April 2019

District Office

Track Name

Current status

Planned Work


Dickey Flat Track

Aggregate req – closed until inspected at end of April due to high risk structures

Helicopter operations

Delivering materials; mainly aggregate and timber and backloading rubbish and equipment


15-16 April 2019 

  • Kennedy Road
  • Woodland Road
  • Lindemann Road – unable to use due to roadworks. 


29 April 2019 

Lindemann Road


Track Work

  • Mangakino and Dickey Flat – aggregate
  • Waiorongomai – progressing
  • Waitengaue to Upper Waitawheta Track – progressing
  • Lindemann Loop – complete geoweb preparation


Mangakino Pack Track

Aggregate req - closed until inspected at end of April due to high risk structures

Waiorongomai – Low Level Track

Set-out etc confirmed

Wharawhara Tramway Track

Complete – open to public

Upper Waitawheta Track

Complete – open to public

Waipapa Track

Complete – open to public

Waitengaue to Upper Waitawheta Track

Re-route benching

Waitengaue Stream Track

All geoweb and steps installed, reroute cut and benched

Lindeman to Cashmore Track

Complete – open to public

Lindemann Loop Track

Geoweb prep - closed until inspected at end of April due to high risk structures


DoC plans for Kauri dieback

The third round of public consultation for the proposed Kauri Dieback National Pest Management Plan is now open. All the information is available on this website including key documents -

Kaimai DOC working party track closures - effective now

Contractors will be flying and landing resources in the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park over the next few days for the planned track upgrade work. Resources include aggregate, tools, timber and other track materials required to protect the area’s susceptible kauri trees and forest. A small portable hut for the track crews will also be flown in to accommodate the contractors over the next 3-4 months of work.

Helicopters will be flying from Lindemann Road, Franklin Road, and Kennedy Road as they prepare the first round of upgrades at Dickey Flat Track, Mangakino Pack Track and Lindemann Loop Track. While the operation is happening, the tracks will be closed and the landing sites will be secured with signage and cordons to keep everyone safe.

Info for people crossing farms - Mycoplasma Bovis

If you are tramping, cycling or horse trekking across a farm you need to be aware of Mycoplasma bovis. It does not pose any risk to you, but you can take some simple steps to stop it spreading.

An article that explains the issues is linked to here

Track closures due to Kauri protection

Information on track closures is available here

A map of Kaimai tracks is available here

Information from DoC on Kauri dieback

DoC have prepared a booklet called  Kauri Consultation Information Booklet that explains its current strategy. Download it here

If you are interested only in the two pages on the science of Kauri dieback you can read that bit here

Notice from DOC regarding Karioi track closures

Department of Conservation staff have been conducting an operation on Mt Karioi after the discovery of the fungal disease, myrtle rust, in March this year.  The purpose of this operation was twofold. Firstly, through extensive surveillance, to establish the extent of the spread of the disease on the mountain; and then, where feasible, to treat and remove any infected plants on the mountain.  We closed the walking tracks on Mt Karioi to the public when myrtle rust was discovered. The tracks have remained closed to allow field staff to carry out surveillance, treatment and removal.

We have now completed the removal operation, which means the tracks can be reopened.  There are several storage bags still on the mountain, which contain composting material from the removed plants.  This is an essential part of the treatment process.  The storage bags are not infectious and will remain there for eight weeks before being removed from the mountain entirely.  The bags are located off the track and will not affect the reopening of the track.   

We at the Department of Conservation greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during the track closures on Mount Karioi. Thank you for the opportunity to undertake this work unhindered by the risk of human disturbance spreading the disease. This has contributed greatly to the success of the operation. 

If you see any further suspected myrtle rust in the future, we urge you to continue to notify us as soon as you can, by calling the Waikato District Office on 07 850 8378.

First aid reminders

Brett represented the club on an outdoor first aid course recently. He prepared a concise set of points to note when someone is injured, which you can see here.

A Kaimai Concept

You may already have heard about the initiative in which DOC is prepared to award grants to organisations working on huts and tracks. See for details.

The Auckland Tramping Club has prepared a draft document called "Improving Outdoor Recreational Opportunities inKaimai Mamaku Conservation ParkFrom Backwater to Stomping Ground" which proposes establishing a group of tramping and other outdoor clubs to develop the plan described in the document. The concept is to "significantly upgrade the tracks, huts and campsites throughout the Park so that they support a much greater use for single day and multi day hikes by virtue of having many different options of a predictable duration and standard, and suitable for a range of fitness levels."

You can download the document here. (File updated 30 Sept 2014) The Wanderers committee is keeping track of this proposal to see how we can best assist - perhaps to take responsibility for a section of track? Do contact a committee member if you have ideas.