Trip information, past trips and contacts for Wanderers Tramping Club

tramping program to April 2023

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7 May

Whiritoa Coastal Walk



Pam Cornforth

Phone/Txt : 027 278 0690

Email :

Open : Monday 24 April

21 May


Te Araroa Trail South

from Honikiwi Road



Tony Dickens

Phone/Txt : 0274 764 098

Email :

Open : Monday 8 May

4 June

Monarchs Birthday


Waikato River Trail



Dianne Lee

Phone/Txt : 027 272 6617

Not required – just turn up


10 June

Night Walk



Keith Wilkinson

Txt : 027 366 6194

Open : Monday 22 May (for catering #)

25 June

Midwinter Lunch

Hamilton Gardens

Colin Standing

Phone : 07 855 1335

Txt : 027 326 6886

Email  :

Open : Tuesday 23 May 2023

Close : 19 June 2023

18 June

Waiuku Forest Walk




Tony Dickens

Phone/Txt : 0274 764 098

Email :

Open : Monday 5 June

2 July


Puhinui Stream Trail




Colin & Margaret Standing

Phone : 07 855 1335

Txt : 027 326 6886

Email  :

Open : Monday 19 June

16 July


Te Awamutu Area



Te Awamutu

Keith Wilkinson

Phone/Txt : 027 366 6194

Open : Monday 3 July

30 July


Kopurererua Valley



Jenny West

Phone/Txt 027 611 0550

Email :

Open : Monday 17 July

13 August


Rotorua Lakeside




Pam Cornforth

Phone : 027 278 0690

Email :

Open : Monday 31 July

Sunday 7 May                            Waihi                                 Grade 1+

Whiritoa Coastal Walk
Whiritoa is a coastal town north of Waihi Beach, 90 minutes from Hamilton. Vehicles will park by the toilets and General Store where we will have our morning tea.
The walk starts with the crossing of a shallow lagoon so there could be a water wade and then we head up steps towards Waimana Bay. At the north end of this bay, we head up and across paddocks to Papakura Bay or Shipwreck Bay. Remnants of the Hipi (a steam tug) from 1976 are still visible. An option here is to have lunch or descend to the beach on a chain and walk a little further. After lunch we will retrace our route back to vehicles.
Finally, a drive to the south end of Whiritoa beach to admire some rock carvings and an exciting blowhole if it’s high tide. Total time 4-5hrs
Depart: 8am
Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leader: Pam, Dianne and Barbara Durrant
Bookings: Open Monday 24 April Contact Pam Cornforth Phone/Txt 027 278 0690

Sunday 21 May                              Kawhia                                Grades 1 & 2
Te Araroa Trail South from Honikiwi Road
We will drive for about an hour south from Hamilton into the hills towards Kawhia. The walk will follow the Te Araroa Trail through forest and rough farmland on 4WD tracks.
This section of the trail is relatively flat along ridges and so is suitable for both grades. We will walk for about 2½ hours and then return to the vans.
The Grade 2 walkers will cover about 10km and the Grade 1 group will cover a shorter distance on the same track.
Depart: 7.30am
Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Tony and Rose Dickens
Bookings: Monday 8 May @ 6pm Contact Tony Dickens Phone/Txt 0274 764 098
Sunday 4 June                Ngaruawahia                               Grade 1
(Monarch’s Birthday Weekend)
Waikato River Trail from Horotiu Bridge to Ngaruawahia
As this is a public holiday weekend we are meeting at our usual place in the Community Living Trust Car Park and carpool to the start of the walk. It is a paved cycle way so we will need to be aware of bikes.
We will walk as far as we want and return the same way, some may wish to go further
or faster than the rest of us, that’s okay as we will set a time to be back at the cars.
Once at the cars we will head off for a nice coffee/ice-cream stop to end our leisurely walk.
Depart: 8am
Return: 1pm approx
Cost: $5.00 to the drivers Leaders: Dianne and Friends Bookings: Not required – just turn up
Contact Dianne
Phone/Txt 027 272 6617

Saturday 10 June Pukemokemoke Grade 1
Night Walk and the Famous Wanderers Soup Kitchen
NOTE THIS IS A SATURDAY AFTERNOON and an addition to our normal programme
We will meet at our usual place at 4pm, get in the vans to take us to Pukemokemoke Reserve (if this falls through we will have another option with same arrangements). The club will provide soup, sausages and buns in our famous kitchen with Chef Keith and his helpers.
You will need to bring :
· a mug for your soup
· boots
· warm clothes
· rain jacket
· torch
· suggest mosquito protection also as we are in the bush
You will walk the easy low-level track and then back to the kitchen for sustenance.
The night walks are very popular and different so book early for your spot - don’t miss out!
Depart: 4pm
Return: 7-8pm approx
Cost: $25 members
$30 non-members for van costs only
Leaders: Keith and his helpers
Bookings: Open Monday 22 May for catering and van numbers
Contact Keith
Phone/Txt 027 366 6194

Sunday 18 June                   Waiuku                                     Grade 1
Waiuku Forest Walk
The drive today is about 1½ hours from Hamilton through Pukekohe to the iron sands mine main gate at Waiuku. The walk is a loop track through the Waiuku Pine Forest and is an easy, relatively flat walk on a dry sandy base. It is a nice walk no matter what the weather is doing on the day. Part of the walk is along the Waikato Riverbank.
Lunch will be overlooking the Waikato Heads. The return to the vans will be through the centre of the forest back to the gate.
The walk will be about 11km long and take around 4 hours.
Depart: 7.30am
Return: 4pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Tony and Rose Dickens
Bookings: Monday 5 June @ 6pm Contact Tony Dickens Phone/Txt 0274 764 098

Sunday 2 July                           Auckland                   Grades 1 & 2
Puhinui Stream Forest Trail
We start the day by parking in the Totara Park public car park at the end of Wairere Road. After a short break for morning tea we make our way across the picnic areas and down to the forest trail which winds counter clockwise around the Puhinui Stream through lush forest. Lots of native trees here including kauri, puriri, totara, rimu and nikau.
The track is well maintained but the northern section has several sets of multiple steps (99, 103 and 60 plus several small blocks). Not to worry though, as the pace will be very leisurely to enjoy the bush. Part way around we reach the children's adventure playground – a good place for lunch.
Those that have energy to burn can walk the track up to Redoubt Road (look out for bikes) and return. The track continues westward and finally turns south to link into the Auckland Botanic Gardens. Enjoy the walk up to the Huakaiwaka Visitor Centre, maybe for a coffee at Cafe Miko. Then walk back to the van via the Potter Children's Garden or through the rose, camellia or magnolia gardens. We could finish off with ice-cream stop at Pokeno. Walking distance 6-10km depending on route chosen.
Depart: 8am
Return: 4.30pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Colin Standing and Friends
Bookings: Monday 19 June @ 6pm
Contact Colin or Margaret
Phone 07 855 1335
Phone/Txt 027 326 6886

CHANGES OF DATE    Sunday 25 June Hamilton Open to everyone
Midwinter Lunch - Hamilton Gardens
(Additional to normal fortnightly program)
The social committee has planned another famous buffet lunch at the Hamilton Gardens to celebrate mid-winter/mid-year. Club members will be subsidised $15pp, non-members will have to pay full cost of $50pp
Doors open 11.30am for lunch at 12 noon
Members  and  non-members  most  welcome, bring a friend
Money  and  bookings  need  to  be  with  the
Treasurer by 30 June.
Menu :
-Warm selection of fresh bread with butter
-Thyme and garlic infused roast lamb leg rolled
-Fresh salmon with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
-Balsamic roast vegetable medley
-Creamy scalloped potato bake
-Fresh seasonal fruit platter
-Raspberry & white chocolate cheesecake bites
-Percolated coffee and tea selection
Cost:                 Members              $35pp
Non-members $50pp
Bookings :        Open                     23 May
Close 19 June for catering numbers
Contact Colin Standing
Txt/phone 027 326 6886/ 07 855 1335
Payment : Money for buffet needs to be sent to Treasurer- Colin by 19 June to confirm place
Bank Details : Wanderers Tramping Club 03-0306-0208429-000

Sunday 16 July                    Te Awamutu                           Grade 1
(Matariki Weekend)
Te Awamutu Area Walks
As this is a long weekend, we are heading to walk a couple of the local lakes. Lake Serpentine/Rotopiki which is a complex of three peat lakes connected by areas of swamp. Originally a single lake that formed at the end of the ice-age, drainage of the surrounding land over the past century lowered the water level to create what is now the area managed by DOC Wildlife Management Reserve who are the Kiwi Guardians of the lake and surrounding area.
The wetlands have an abundance of bird life and is a sanctuary for them with a protective predator free fence around the area. Lake facts: Area = 5ha, Depth = 12m. The area is also supported by the district council and large planting is being undertaken. The walk is an easy two hours on gravel and boardwalks.
The second lake we are going to is Lake Ngaroto is the largest of the Waipa peat lakes. The lakes catchment is mainly pastoral so there is ongoing close monitoring of the water quality. There is plentiful bird life. Lake facts: length = 1.7km, Area is
108ha, Depth = 2-4m. the District Council is currently undertaking a large planting project which is hoped to encourage bird life to return to the area.
This is an easy two hour walk on gravel and boardwalk. We will have lunch here and stop for the usual ice-cream on the way home.
Depart: 8am
Return: 4pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Keith & Friends
Bookings: Open Monday 3 July @ 6pm
Contact Keith
Phone/Txt 027 366 6194

Sunday 30 July                    Tauranga                      Grades 1&1+
Kopurererua Valley
We will begin our walk off 11th Avenue by the Historic Village. At the time of writing the bulletin this track has not been surveyed but is expected to be mostly flat and well formed.
The walk follows the Toll Road from the Village to Tauranga Crossing area with at least
6kms of new shared cycle/walking paths.
It gives the opportunity to cover the full length to Tauranga Crossing and back through restored wetland and bush, via a footbridge over the Highway to Waihi Road end and back to the Village if Grade 1+’s want a brisk 'stretch'.  Grade 1’s will walk as far as time permits and back with a couple of bridged stream crossings for variety.
Expect to walk between 6-12kms.
Coffee and/or ice cream may be an option so bring money.
Depart: 8am
Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leader: Jenny, Dianne and Friends
Bookings: Open Monday 17 July @ 6pm
Contact Jenny West
Txt 027 611 0550

Sunday 13 August                  Rotorua                              Grade 1+
Rotorua Lakeside Ramble from Sulphur Point to Whakarewarewa
We meet at our usual place and head to our starting point in Rotorua. We will have morning tea, then set off. Parts of the track have changed due to damage so depending on the upcoming survey we will guide you around the lake to Whakarewarewa Village where we hope to have lunch then return to the vans.
Rotorua Sulphur Point is a man made wetlands and wildlife sanctuary, it is also an active thermal area so watch where you walk and stick to the paths .
Expect to walk approx. 5 hours. We will stop for possible ice cream on way home.
Depart: 7.30am
Return: 5pm approx
Cost: $25.00 (members)
$30.00 (non-members)
Leaders: Pam, Dianne, Keith and Friends
Bookings: Open Monday 31 July @ 6pm Contact Pam Cornforth Phone/Txt 027 278 0690