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6 Jan

Te Koutu Lake & River Walk, Cambridge



9 Feb

Endeans Mill, Waimiha Black Fern Lodge, King Country



Mount Pureora, Pouakani Totara.



23 Feb

Mangakino Pack Track, Dalys Hut

Ray and Keith

2 and 3

8 Mar

Rainbow Trail, Waiotahi Track, Thames

Keith and ?

2 and 3

22 March

Pylon Track, Waiorongomai

Ray and Dianne

4 and 1+

5 April

Port Waikato, Waikato Heads



19 April

Mt William Walkway, Pokeno



3 May

Otanewainuku, Tauranga

Grant and Keith

2 and 1

Sunday 26 January   Te Koutu Lake & Cambridge River Walk                        Grade 1

This is an easy lead into our new programme for 2020. Some people will be busy with their families/holidays so there is no booking necessary, just turn up at the Wintec car park and we will carpool.

We will drive to Te Koutu Lake, walk around the lake and have morning tea there. It is a flat loop walk of about 1 kilometre. If you want more of a stretch, then we will go up and down some of the steps that link into the main loop.

Then it is into the vehicles and off to do the river walk. We will park in Bath Street, go up one side of the river, cross over the Low-Level Bridge and back along the other side, cross over the High Bridge. A walk of about 1 hour.

Take a lunch for a picnic on the village green or buy something from a café. Bring $5 towards travel costs and some $$$ for coffee/ice cream/lunch.

Depart: 9am   Anyone wishing to meet us there please be at the lake car park in Albert street at 9.30am

Return: 1pm approx  (could be longer, negotiable on the day)

Cost:      $5.00 for travel

Contact:               Carol    Phone/Txt            027 319 0852

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Sunday 9 February           Endeans Mill - Waimiha Black Fern Lodge,  King Country                             Grade 1

Today we will journey down to Te Kuiti and then further south into the King Country.  On arrival at the Mill we will be met by one of the owners and given a talk on its history.

The mill was working with native timbers up until the mid-1990’s when it closed and has been left as it was with stocks of sawn timber and old machinery and houses all frozen in time.

After visiting the mill and site we will drive further up the road to Black Fern Lodge and walk along the river to a lovely waterfall.

The day will be leisurely and not too much walking. Possible coffee stop on the way home, so bring extra money.    There is a charge for the visit to Endeans Mill of $5.00.

Depart: 8am   Return:     5.30pm approx

Cost:      $25.00 (members) + $5.00 entry fee to mill  $30.00 (non-members) + $5.00 entry fee to mill

Leaders:               Val McArthur and Keith Wilkinson

Booking Open:  Monday 27 January @ 6pm

Contact                   Val   Phone      07 855 6724  Phone/Txt 027 618 3573 Email

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Sunday 9 February      Mount Pureora/Pouakani Totara   NI Centre         Grade 2+

An early start is required as it is a reasonable distance to travel. We travel through Te Kuiti and Benneydale, on to Pureora and follow the Waimonoa Road to the Centre of the North Island car park.

A 10-minute walk brings us to a cairn marking the geographical centre of the north island. On return to the carpark we travel back along Link Road to the Mount Pureora Track on the north eastern side of the mountain.

The track has steps and board walks making the ascent easier. From the summit 1165 metres there are panoramic views (weather permitting) while having lunch. We backtrack to the vans   and proceed to Scott Road and on to view the Pouakani Totara. This is the largest recorded Totara.

Expect to walk about 4-5 hours. 12 seats available in the van.

Depart: 7.30am     Return:  7pm approx

Cost:      $25.00 (members)   $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               Colin Standing and others

Bookings Open:                Monday 27 January @ 6pm

Contact                   Colin  Phone    07 855 1335 Phone/Txt  027 326 6886 Email 

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 Sunday 23 February                Paeroa                     Grades 2&3

Dalys Hut/Dean’s Track – Waitawheta - Grade 2

Today’s tramp will start from the carpark at the end of Franklin Road Waitawheta Valley.  We will climb up steadily across open farmland before entering the bush on reaching Dalys hut (lunch stop) we will then trace down over a small stream. A few steps then reach the main Waitawheta Valley track, turning left and making our way back to the vans.

This trip could take us 4 hours – a little longer than usual. This is a pleasant walk and all crossings (except the last) are now bridged.

Mangakino Pack Track – Grade 3

From the car park it’s a short walk to Tui Mine where we climb for about an hour to the Tui Saddle. Then we turn northeast onto the old Mangakino Pack track. Constructed in 1880 this track was used for the transportation of supplies from Karangahake and Waihi to the mines of the Tui and Waiorongomai. After a short respite at the Mangakino Shelter, we cross the Mangakino Stream and begin a lengthy ridge sidle.

The many windfalls will keep us on our toes (or bottoms) whatever the case may be. There are many fine rimu scattered through the bush, and more easterly, majestic kauri. Soon after reaching the intersection of Daly’s Hut, we pick up the superb Dean Track, which leads us out quite suddenly onto high farmland. We can enjoy picturesque views of the Waitawheta River as we make our way down the grassy slope to Franklin Road.

Though not an overly hard tramp, it will be a lengthy one.  Expect to walk for 7½ hours, excluding lunch.

Depart: 7.30am  Return:                5.30pm / 6.30pm approx

Cost:      $25.00 (members)   $30.00 (non-members)

Leader: Keith and associates - G2     Ray and associates - G3

Bookings Open:                Monday 10 February at 6pm

Contact                   Keith  Phone   07 847 4399 Txt:  027 366 6194

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Sunday 8 March                      Thames                       Grade 2 & 3

Rainbow Trail (Grade 2)

The trip today is one we haven’t done for a while. We will start up Karaka Track behind Thames Hospital and follow an old gold mining track to a ridge.  On reaching the ridge, we will come along a very colourful terrace, red, black, yellow and white. We will lunch and then retrace back the same way. Trip may be up to 4 hours walking.

Waiotahi Track (Grade 3)

We will travel down to Waiotahi track and come up the terrace. The track is in good condition and zig zags up the hill, but it is a good 2.5 hours walk up a fairly steep hill.  Morning tea will be about half an hour into the walk where we will stop at the rainbow rocks with a nice view.

Approx 5½ - 6 hours walking

Depart: 7.30am   Return:               6-6.30pm approx

Cost:      $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)

Leader:   Keith and TBA

Bookings Open:  Monday 24 February at 6pm

Contact                   Keith  Phone   07 847 4399 Txt:  027 366 6194

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Sunday 22 March          Waiorongomai              Grades 1+ & 3

Lower Level Waiorongomai – G1+

Come and join Dianne and Friends in one of her favourite areas while the G3’s undertake a new challenge in the same area.  This area is full of goldmining history and some interesting relics as well as great views.

Looking at doing the low-level loop with some side trips and the coffee/ice cream in Tea Aroha. More a social day with a hill. Walking about 3 hours

Pylon Track Loop – G3

This is a round trip in the Waiorongomai Valley, but a shorter one than the one led by Ray in May 2018.   (Click here to read the report on that one)

We start the trip up the Pylon track, taking it all the way up to the backbone ridge that has the North- South track. We walk along this track for only about 300m, before picking up an informal track which follows the ridge to the south-east of Mill Creek. After about a kilometre we pick up the North arm of the Kauri Grove track (still open) and then get into the Waiorongomai Stream tracks which we follow back to the car.

Total distance about 8km. Altitude gain about 700m. Estimated duration 6 hours.

Depart: 8am    Return:    6pm

Cost:      $25.00 (members)  $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               G1+ - Dianne and friends  G3 - Ray Hoare

Bookings:            Open     Monday 9 March at 6pm

Contact                Ray

Phone/Txt          021 170 0713  Email

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 Sunday 5 April        Port Waikato    Waikato Heads                      Grade 1+

Today we are walking on sand. Be prepared. Don’t forget sun hat and sun cream.  

On arrival at Port Waikato we shall visit the small but delightful Cobourne Reserve. Then drive to Sunset Beach to see the effects of erosion on their main beach.

Our walk starts from Maraetai Bay Reserve.   We will head in the direction of Waikato Heads, following the Waikato river.  Lunch in the sand dunes before returning the same route.

If time a stop for coffee/ice cream on the way home.

Depart: 8am    Return:    5-5.30pm approx

Cost:      $25.00 (members)   $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               Pam Cornforth and friends

Bookings Open:                Monday 23 March at 6pm

Contact                   Pam Phone      07 856 5922   Phone/txt 0272 780 690  Email

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Sunday 19 April           Mt William Walkway   Pokeno                           Grade 1+

This walk has been done in the past, but not recently. A full traverse and return are some 10.7km long. The intention of this 1+ trip is to start at Puketutu Rd and get to Puketutu Trig, or a little further afield, and return.

Mt William is on the edge of the Bombay Hills and accessible either from McMillan Road off SH2, or from Puketutu Road, east of SH1. Mt William gives good 360 views. The track rises steeply from McMillan Road and into regenerating bush. The small patch of bush is some distance from Mt William Trig, with steep and sometimes slippery patches along the track. Not far into the bush, there is a side-track to the left to sight mature kauris on a ridge. On return to the main track, it continues through the bush and then onto open steep and undulating farmland up to Mt William Trig.

From Puketutu Road end, the track goes through gently rolling open farmland and along a ridge towards Mt Puketutu and Mt William. About halfway there is a rising side-track to Puketutu Trig which could take an hour or so, depending on stamina. At the top are a number of communications towers and sweeping views all around on a fine day. Returning to the main track, we can either return to the vans, or continue towards Mt William, along more undulating farmland, returning when ready.

Bring money for ice cream (and maybe sausages) at Pokeno.

Depart:   8am Return:  5:30 am (approx.)

Cost:      $25.00 (members)                           $30.00 (non-members)

Leader:     Jenny West   

Bookings Open   Monday 6 April at 6pm

Contact Jenny Phone/Txt Email 027 611 0550

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Sunday 3 May        Otanewainuku Tauranga          Grades 1 & 2

This is a lovely block of bush inland from Tauranga. Both grades will do the loop track up to the Otawa lookout.   The G1’s will then do the Nature Loop Track on the other side of the road and the G2’s the same but will go further on to the Whataroa Falls and back.

We will then drive to the Oropi Hot Pools for a swim for those inclined and/or something from the cafe.


Depart:  7.30am    Return: 5pm approx

Cost:         $25.00 (members)        $30.00 (non-members)

Leaders:               G2          Grant Svendsen  G1        Keith Wilkinson

Bookings Open:  Monday 20 April at 6pm

 Contact     Grant Svendsen    Phone/Txt   021 047 6518 Email


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