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Ngaruawahia: Te Awa River Trail (Horotiu – Perry Cycle Bridge) Sunday 4 June 2023

What do you think of when you are in the Mighty Waikato? Probably the Māori thought of “flowing water” flashes out of your mind. The meaning of Waikato River is an iconic representation of the people in Waikato Region. A step onto the river walk, Te Awa River Trail, was today’s venture in Ngaruawahia area.

Crossing Horotiu Bridge, we were on the eastern riverbank, yes, on the trail. Looking back, the bridge is a historical three-hinged reinforced concrete arch bridge. Heading northward, farmland with sheep and cattle could be seen gracefully feeding on the meadow. Sun hanging over the hazy sky, with tree spurs propped up in the cool early winter morning. Although the sun was not that clear, it was refreshing in such a tranquil space with the Waikato River in full load.

All over, we were quite pleased to have such a good weather with the recent days of heavy rainfall. Hard on the concrete footing, today’s walk was an easy one with sharing between walkers and bikers. Not long away, the green Perry Cycleway Bridge was seen over the river. This steel green bridge makes Kotahitanga (Maori meaning unity) possible with mosaic tiles on both sides of the river bank. With the conception of flax design, the bridge was constructed with great faith to bridge both sides of local communities. It was quite a refreshing experience to walk along the long slender bridge, overlooking the river in steady flow.

A short span along on the western bank was the morning teatime at the picnic area by the river after passing the Ngaruawahia golf course. Resting peacefully with refreshment, it was nice to have a rest on scenic river view. After morning tea, we traced back the same route to Perry and Horotiu Bridges, and further drove back to Hamilton. On the way back, we stopped for a coffee with more refreshment. 


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