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Tapakanga Regional Park

Tapakanga Regional Park

26th February 2023

Another figment of our imagination!

The trip was changed as a music festival was going to be held at this location and they were expecting thousands of people to attend. We were going to go and walk the Waharau Ridge track instead. Unfortunately, it was another Cyclone Gabrielle casualty.

We went to Duder Regional Park, Clevedon, Auckland instead. This proved to be an excellent choice. It was a beautiful day, and the views were amazing. We set off on the Farm loop track, the heat did become a bit of a problem causing one member to turn back. A little further along the way another small group of grade 1 walkers broke off and they continued walking on the lower-level track that went around in a loop back to the car park.

The rest of us grade 2’S went on to the pa track which was one hours return with a couple of short but significant hills. It was worth the effort, the outlook stunning. On returning to the loop tack another group returned to the van the same way that they had come. The heat and open nature of the area was taking its toll. The remaining few found a nice shady spot under a couple of large trees – that we shared with the sheep -where we ate our lunch. Then we made our way round the loop back to the van. An ice cream stop in Pokeno was a welcome treat.

Thank you to the drivers and especially Colin for your work in getting this trip organised, also Ron for helping with several surveys to make it possible.

I almost missed the van due to a mix up with the start time but I’m glad I didn’t, it was a lovely walk in a new area unknown to me.

Carol Davies

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