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Mangaokewa, 27 August 2023

After quite a bit of fiddling around to adjust the seats in one of the vehicles we made a bit more room in the back for our packs. Finally, we were off to Te Kuiti for the walk in the Mangaokewa reserve. It was a bit overcast but no wind and a pleasant temperature.

The grade 1’s set off along the true right of the stream, a nice fairly flat walk, very pretty bush. There were a few places that were a bit tricky due to recent weather events. A big slip and a couple of places where the water had undercut the track.

The grade 2’s were dropped off near the rugby grounds for the start of a track that led to the reserve. They passed some huge bluffs and when arriving at the reserve they set off along the left side of the stream. The track was undulating, with a couple of significant ups. Also, a couple of slips/areas of undercutting. There must have been rain overnight as it seemed quite wet, and therefore muddy/slippery in some areas. The 1’s drove to the reserve to start their walk there.

At one point the two groups emerged onto the riverbanks opposite each other, it was starting to drizzle. The tracks then went back into the bush and the 2’s reached the turn around point first, they had lunch under some trees just as a heavy shower came through. They were not happy with the thought of more rain on those slips.

Just as the 2’s were leaving the 1’s appeared and were very ready for their lunch, so they took over the spot under the trees. There was a discussion on the condition of each half of the track, both sides saying their side was harder than expected. The 2’s continued their loop but the 1’s were not going back along their track, they opted to go back the way the 2’s had walked!

The 2’s enjoyed the track on the true right and made good time, back at the vehicles a few opted to wait there, and the rest walked back to the start at the rugby ground car park.

At around the same time the 1’s emerged from the track on the left side of the river and once in the vehicles they drove to pick up the others. The rain had stopped, and the sun had come out, so the return walk was more enjoyable, both groups thought that the other grade had had the better track!  

 Thank you leaders; Colin and Ron.                                             Carol                                                                                        

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