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Ted's track - Thompsons track loop 20 May 2018

After a couple of false starts we hit the road and arrived at the track start in time to find the 2's enjoying their morning tea. By 10 o’clock we were off. Fortunately our leader knew where to find the start of the track, and then it was  relentlessly up-hill, often following markers that only Grant knew about. After scrambling about (most of it up), going from one of the pretty old tape markers to another, we found a nice sheltered and sunny grassy spot for lunch about 12.15.

The bush was really attractive when you had time to take your eyes off the ground - there was lots of regeneration of Rimu  that I noticed. We also came across some fungi in big masses on the old windfall trees. 

When we got to the North South Track the going got a little easier, this being a DOC track. Before too long we got to Thompsons Track where a few hundred metres down we came across three  motoX (dirt bikes) and four 4WD  cars. The one car we watched struggled to get any further from the point we came across it. Thompsons track at this point was very slippery clay. There were lots of water filled holes caused by the off-roaders, some pretty deep and occupying nearly the whole width of the track so it was pretty tricky for us to get round them.

After 7 hours of a great adventure we were all happy to see the van as dusk descended and the moreporks were calling . Seven tired but happy trampers. Thanks Grant.

Written collaboratively on the way home 

A gpx file of the otherwise unmapped Ted's track is available for download on this page.

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