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Sentinel Rock. 1 July 2018

I had never been to the rock before and it makes for a good winter tramp when the weather behaves, as it did.

 Whilst a bit of a drive from Hamilton the walk itself isn’t long, it starts flat but at about 15 minutes a steady climb commences just after the splendid large kauri which is maybe 600 yrs old with a girth of 2.7 metres. As I said not a long walk (about 2hrs) but due to the steady climb up the physical body gets a work out. And then there is the final assault on the rock where the mental body has to overcome a few obstacles. We were confronted by a very steep climb with slippery rocks and dirt, though tree roots and a knotted rope offered some help, along with friends guiding our foot placements.

All 12 made the top –feeling very pleased with themselves - right on midday for an awesome lunch spot with views all over the bay and we could clearly see Motutapere Hut which is on the North South Track.

The clamber down again took a lot of care, so easy to trip on a root or slip.   Then a pleasant 2hr walk back down the hill. At a pace which allowed for much chatter.  To the surprise of some we had unusually beaten the other van load of trampers (Grade 1-2 ) back to the start point so Grant decided there was time for a coffee on the way home.

Weather wise this was a well-planned tramp – the forecast rain held off till we had finished and stopped for the coffee. It was a wet but safe drive home. Thanks to all for a good day out.


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