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Ruapane Trig, Pirongia,Grade 1+. 26 May 2019

We set off in a thick fog which was to stay with us all day.  As we discovered that the Nature Loop Walk was closed (possibly for repairs) we were able to spend more time on the Ruapane Trig track and climb higher than originally anticipated.  Along the way we stopped for morning tea and then again when we came to a very strange rock know as jelly rock due to its resemblance to an oversized jelly or pudding mould.

We pressed on upward and eventually emerged into brilliant sunshine at the top of Ruapane Peak where we stopped for lunch.  Here we met the other Wanderers group who had just finished lunch around the trig.  From the top of Ruapane Peak it was possible to see the very top of Mt Te Aroha, Mt Maungatautari and Mt Kakapuku just protruding above the fog which covered the Waikato and Thames Valley.

One feature of the trip was the constant and ever-present bird song all the way up and down the mountain.  We saw to our delight tui, wood pigeon, white eye, fantail and a little male tomtit which kept flying just ahead of us on the track coming down.

The 10 Grade 1+ trampers were all very pleased with themselves for completing what turned out to be a Grade 3 trip!

Roger Mc

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