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Vandy Road - 3 February 2019

An enthusiastic group of 17 trampers tackled this tramp. We arrived at the end of Vandy Rd, skipped morning tea and headed up the paper road immediately.

The forecast was for another scorching day so plans were made to get us under the treeline and close to the windmills as possible before lunchtime. Enjoying an unmanicured track we made good time.  There was about ten minutes of steep uphill and scrambling over tree roots before a steady climb through beautiful and pristine bush.  Because everyone had opted to do the 1+ we were spoilt with four leaders but Grant led us through the wilderness spotting the red and orange markers in a timely fashion.   

Following morning tea we had a quick route stop with Lynn taking control and spotting the arrows (etched onto a big tree) which pointed us in the right direction.  We continued on until reaching the fence line where we clambered through a gate into open pasture.  From there it was another 10-15 minute climb where we rested by the formidable windmills and lunched in the cool breeze. 

 The temperature started to ramp up so Grant headed off and we trusted in his instincts to take us back under the bush line by following an old fence down before meeting up with the paper road. This was an interesting reconnoitre following a track that in parts was muddy, slippery and difficult to see.  However, as avid trampers we were all up for the challenge.  Keith was particularly interested in abseiling the big straps that were overhanging a slip.  It was suggested that perhaps the straps were there to assist the motorcyclists traverse the slip. 

The paper road levelled out and this was steady hiking. It was very rutted and deep in parts. This is because it has been used as a four wheel drive track and it shows. The fine weather had helped dry it out but like mountain goats we leapt from side to side with great agility and skill.   It was back to the van before stopping at Whatawhata for ice-cream. 

A big thank you to our drivers and leaders for this especial tramp.  

Scribe – The Wonderer.  

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