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Totara Park/Puhinui Stream Forest Trail 7 October 2018

This tramp coincided with the Chinese New Year Festival, so because of the possibility of a busy car park at the Botanic Gardens, Colin decided that we would park at the Redoubt Road entrance, from where we walked through Totara Park towards the Puhinui stream. Initially there was farmland with good views, and then the pleasant sounds of water and birds when we walked in the bush.  The track was good with a few ups and downs but no trouble for our group.  Lunch was had alongside a children’s playground with seating available. 

Spring flowers greeted us at the Botanic Gardens, especially the blossom of the massed cherry trees. Some of us walked around the gardens while others opted for a coffee at the café.  The café was decorated for the festival and visitors dressed in costumes celebrated in various ways including a dragon dance with the very skilled beating of a drum. We walked back to the vans through massed planting of several varieties of trees including monkey trees - in all we covered about 11 kms.   A very interesting place to visit.

Thanks Colin and Margaret.

Alison O

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