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Maungatautari, 23 June 2019

There were only 5 of us (grade 3) on a cold and windy day with intermittent light misty rain, it was invigorating, so we kept moving, and we found a sheltered spot for lunch.

I have done this tramp several times and always enjoy it. It has so much good stuff going for it: close to home, access to a top-notch farm, a bait line walk where the bush is up-close and in your face, a variety of bush habitats and some technical challenges. The steep downs were very slippery due to the overnight rain, one area had the addition of nylon ropes which were also very slippery, at some stages there were a few stumbles and slips by some of us but soft landings every time.

I think the wind reduced the bird activity but we did hear a flock of popokotea (whitehead) chattering, and saw some riroriro (grey warblers) and miromiro (tomtit).

The fungi were varied and delightful, we had been told about the big brackets to look for – yes they were big, but many fungi are humble and almost hidden, with our heads down we see some – and shared our delight each time.

The last technical challenge was at one of the pest-proof access gates – it wouldn’t open, “open sesame” didn’t work necessitating a walk along the perimeter to the next gate.

We walked, we talked, as trampers do, and some invigorating opinions were expressed – thankyou to my companions for a good day.




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