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Lake Rotoiti to Lake Okataina - 21 October 2018

2 van loads of intrepid trampers set off for this brand new (for the Wanderers) tramp. A brief stop at the newly renovated Ngongotaha Reserve and then around lakes Rotorua and Lake Rotoiti to the Western Okataina Walkway. We started with a quick morning tea and then had a steady steep climb up to the pylons and ridge - luckily it wasn't a race.

Then a bit of a walk to see the hidden crater which we climbed down into, seeing lots of lovely plants such as wild Clementis and listening to a cuckoo call. Then we crossed the crater and zigged and zagged up the other side to join the Rongomai track.  We looped around a bit and came across a lovley waterfall - Cascade Falls - which at night is covered in glow worms. We had our lunch in this magical place.

After lunch we climbed a bit of a hill and then walked down to the Education Camp and Lake Okataina, which we saw sparkling in the sunshine.

A truly lovely trip.


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