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Eliza mine track, Katikati        20 May 2018

This grade 2  tramp started and finished at the Katikati end of Thompsons’ track. Fortified by morning tea we tramped upwards for a short distance and then followed a downhill track to the bridge and two stream crossings which were not difficult. The bush was beautiful, as the sun was shining through the trees. The track itself was not too muddy and relatively easy to walk on.

We headed towards Eliza Mine but at the junction we stopped for lunch and then turned left to return to Thompsons’ Track: this section of the tramp was a little more difficult, as there was more slippery mud. There were no major incidents though - just a few dirty boots and muddy bums!

Our group met a few interesting people on the day. Firstly there were two search and rescue personnel who were training one of their working dogs - we met them several times. Then there was a lone walker who stopped briefly to tell us his story. He was retired and after seeing an advert in the newspaper for apple pickers, he decided to bring his camper van to the area and help out. In his leisure time he was happily exploring the local bush.

Overall, it was a pleasant, social day and made even more so by a stop for ice creams on the way home!

Thanks to the team: Dianne, Pam and Keith for their leadership.


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