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Christmas Party for the Wanderers. 2 December 2018

The 3 van drivers had an interesting trip over the Kaimais, for some parts of the road were a running river - we thought that we were in for a very wet tramp indeed.

On arrival at Te Puna Quarry Park the weather was damp and looked as though it was going to be decidedly worse, but we still managed a cuppa with lovely Christmas fruit cake supplied by Carol. Much to the surprise of all, as we set off around the park it stopped raining and we all enjoyed splendid walks, admiring the views and all the plants and flowers.  It truly is a magnificent spot.  Many flowers were in bloom and there must have been dozens of monarch butterflies as well.

About midday we made a quick change of clothes and set off again in the vans – at which time the heavens opened up again. By the time we were at Waihi Beach it had stopped raining and we enjoyed a good lunch and great company at the Waihi Beach RSA. (The meal was Ham and/or Lamb, potatoes, broccoli and cheese sauce, crumbed fish bites and calamari rings, plus an array of salads. Dessert was the NZ/Aussie favourite of Pavlova and plum pudding with custard and ice-cream.)

With full pukus we then headed home.

A  truly lovely day and excellent way to end another year with the Waikato Wanderers (or as some tables were named “Wonderers”).


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