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McBrinns Track, Maratoto - 23 September 2018

I had not ventured into this area for a number of years, and today was a brilliantly fine day to be out exploring this lovely valley again. Our group of 8 Grade 3 trampers set off with Lorna & Brenda as our guides.

As we passed the old disused Quarry and followed the track up we could hear McBrinn’s Creek flowing off to our right. A little further on we dropped down & crossed the creek for the first of a number of times - some got wet feet, others were lucky not to.

There were a few concrete foundations and odd relics along the way before we reached the old amalgamation plant.  Still lying around we found a steam boiler, water tank, some kind of large pipe & 3 big McKay Amalgamating Pans among other bits & pieces.  These big pans were used for crushing quartz brought in from other mines in the area.  You wonder “how did they get all this big stuff in there?”.

Climbing steeply up to a higher level we explored numerous mine shafts & a long tunnel. Lorna had left a nice rope for the adventurous to drop safely into one of the shafts – and more importantly to get out again! A number of Cave Weta with their long skinny legs could be seen scattered around.

Inside the tunnel the tiny glow worms were a little upset with the light & noise we made, however they soon glowed for us again once all was dark & quiet.  The men explored a little further into the tunnel. 

After this exploration of the mines we lunched in the warmth beside the old dam.

Possum trappers work this area and it was a little un-nerving to find a number of gin traps beside the track & also one smelly skinned possum hanging in a tree.

On our return we ventured up a side track and discovered an old Tin shack still in pretty good nick, before returning to our Van via the same track.


PS - you can download the .gpx file of our tramp here.  Ray

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